Refer & Earn!

Invite your friends to ARM and earn additional units on your investment


The ARM Refer and Earn Client Loyalty Program is a program designed by ARM to reward ARM Mutual Fund clients when they refer someone who lives either in Nigeria or abroad to invest in the ARM Money Market Fund.

The referrer will earn 0.25% of the referred person’s initial invested amount as additional units on his/her existing mutual fund investment account.

How does it work?

The ARM Refer and Earn Loyalty Program works in these simple steps:

  • To be eligible, you must be an investor in any ARM Mutual Funds
  • Refer as many clients as possible from August 1st to October 31st, 2019
  • Referred clients must invest their funds for a minimum waiting period of 3 months without part or full redemption
  • You earn 0.25% of your referred person’s invested funds as units on your existing mutual funds investment account
  • Your earned units are invested into your account at the end of the 3-month waiting period
  • The referred will ONLY invest in ARM Money Market fund for the referrer to be eligible
  • The referred must complete the ARM Mutual Fund Account opening form, submit a passport photograph, Valid Federal Government-issued Identity card, Valid proof of address not more than 3 months old, evidence of payment and state the referrer’s membership number on the top of the form for the referrer to become eligible. This
    can be submitted at any of our offices or via email at

Want to earn but don’t have a Mutual Fund account with us? Open an account within the period stated above, and refer clients to qualify (with conditions above). You can also fill this form if you want us to sign up your referrals for you!


What is the ARM Refer and Earn Client Loyalty Program?

The ARM Refer and Earn Client Loyalty Program is a client reward program which requires an existing client in any ARM mutual fund to refer someone that resides either locally or abroad, to invest in the ARM Money Market Fund and earn 0.25% of the invested amount as additional units on the existing mutual fund investment account.

How soon do I earn this reward?

You will only earn the reward after a 3- month waiting period where the referred account doesn’t make part or full withdrawal of invested funds. You will no longer be eligible for the reward if the referred investor

withdraws either part or full funds before the end of the 3- month waiting period.

The referred investor does not pay any penalty for part or full withdrawal before the end of the 3- month waiting period. The referred investor enjoys the free entry and exit feature of the product. However, your eligibility for the reward is dependent on the referred investor’s ability to invest in a 3-month period without any form of withdrawal.

You can become a part of the program once you invest in any of the ARM mutual funds and refer someone to invest in the ARM Money Market Fund within the period of the program

The refer and earn client loyalty program is not open-ended. It runs from August 1st to October 31st, 2019. This means that any client can be referred and make additional subscriptions to their investment within the specified time, however, their funds must be invested for a 3 month waiting period (without part or full redemption) for the referrer to get their loyalty earnings.

Yes. You are eligible to participate if you have an account in any of the mutual funds. Your account continues to exist with us even if you have fully withdrawn all your funds.

You can refer as many people as possible within the period of the program to increase your reward.

You will be rewarded immediately after each of the referral’s investments meets the 3 – month waiting period without any withdrawal. You are expected to refer within the 3 months of the program but the 3- month waiting period will extend beyond the period of the program for you to get your loyalty earnings.

The referred client will –

  • Complete our Mutual funds Account opening Form
  • Submit a copy of passport photograph, Federal Government issued Identity card, Proof of Address and proof of payment via any of our channels

In addition, please ensure that the referred client(s) writes your unique Membership Number with ARM legibly on the top of the completed Account Opening Form as this will serve as your unique identifier in the program. This unique identifier will enable us to process and credit your investment account with the reward accordingly. You will not be eligible for the reward without the unique identifier. All completed documents should be submitted directly to any of our offices or scanned copies sent to

Yes. You can refer a tier-one client category (a client who would only sign up with a passport photograph and will not save more than N20,000 at once and withdraw not more than N30,000 at once).
A tier one client category also, will not exceed a total savings of N200,000 per time. Otherwise, such client will need to provide complete supporting documents as stated in #9 above to enable withdrawal from the account.

Your investment account will be credited as soon as the reward is due, and you will be notified accordingly.

The ARM Money Market Fund is one of the Mutual Funds managed by ARM Investment Managers.
It was launched in 2013 and invests in Money Market instruments such as Treasury bills and other money market instruments issued by the banks.
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